qm badge lethalfizzle back
One of the most striking graphics in the game, for me, always was the logo. Each time I saw it, I thought, I want this in real life! Of course as a teenager, and in those pre internet days that was out of the question.

Now you can buy one of a strictly limited edition of 50 high quality enamel badges, with a decorative black cardboard box with a shiny embossed logo.

The badges are huge (5cm diameter) and heavy; we're talking belt buckle dimensions here. Still comes with a safety pin so you can wear it on your admiral's uniform. They were made in the UK using a mix of traditional hard enamel (the black and silver base) and modern printing technology (the colour parts). I'm really proud of how they came out.

The whole project is fan-to-fan, so I'm selling at production cost, for £6.60 plus shipping. The exact amount keeps changing (thanks to Royal Mail), but is around £3.70 for UK delivery, up to £9.10 to the US.

To order, go to ebay, where I try to always have one available. If not, contact psi5@cerebus.de.

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