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Way back in 1985, I stood in a department store, section software, and selected the game I would get as a birthday present. The very first game I ever owned! I finally decided for Psi 5 Trading Company, and I never regretted the decision. It has been my favourite ever since.
After I sold my C64, there was a long break, but one happy day I managed to find an emulator and a copy of the game that worked together. The old action was back! The trusty old crew came aboard, and I was off again, delivering grananas to Zippo-Ago!
Somewhat later I started scouring the internet for more information. This website is the result. All you C64, Spectrum, Amstrad... maniacs out there, enjoy! And may the solar winds of Xaldur be in your favor!

And now: an enamel badge with the Psi 5 is logo available for purchase.

email: Psi5@cerebus.de

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