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psi5.cerebus.de proudly presents

Gary Wong's 20th Anniversary Edition

Highly talented programmer, designer and musician Gary Wong has undertaken the immense task of rewriting the game, achieving a 21st century look and the original 1985 game play. This will forever change your favourite game! Featuring:

  • Hi-Res rendered graphics (see screenshot)
  • Animated rendered characters and spaceships
  • Individual synthesised speech output for the crew messages
  • Cross-platform operation (Linux and Windows)
  • Glorious re-recorded music and sound effects
See the video review by RPG Gamer, which uses the remake, giving you an idea of how it looks.

Unforunately, I lost contact with Gary many years ago, and never heard from him since. I assume his life has moved on and he has no more time for game programming. Luckily, though, he sent me a late beta version of the game. It is fully playable and nearly done. Differences to the planned final version:

  • Only some of the characters have rendered animations
  • Only some of the crew have synthesised speech for messages
  • A Linux version exists, but I don't have a copy :-(
It would be be a waste to hide this jewel of retro gaming from the fans, so I take the risk of publishing it here without Gary's explicit permission. Gary, if you're out there and don't want the beta to be public, let me know and I'll take it down.

Download Windows binaries here (16 MB).

How to play
Easy, just unzip. In the folder, run psi-5-setup.exe. That allows to play around with graphics options to optimise the display for your system. Once you're satisfied, close this and run psi5.exe. From then on, it's just like the old game, only better!

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