Glossary Converter
This is a tool to help translators make use of terminology in SDL Trados Studio. It converts between Excel spreadsheets (or some other glossary formats) and SDL MultiTerm termbases (as required in Trados Studio) with a minimum of effort.

Glossary Plugin
This is a Trados Studio Plugin that makes it easier to add terminology to projects. You can either add a new, empty termbase, or import existing terminology files. It's also possible to export project termbases with a click. The plugin requires Glossary Converter for part of its functionality.

Help and Support

You can read the online help of Glossary Converter and Glossary Plugin for details.

For bug reports or feature requests, contact, without the -nospam- bit. German and English mails welcome.

This is a hobby project, so I can not guarantee if and when I can react to inquiries...


   Glossary Plugin

Download here:

   Glossary Converter 6.1.7946

Download here:

Glossary Converter is free, but donations to the developer to encourage further maintenance and improvements are always welcome. Spare change, mate?

Older versions

6.1 is a rather big release, increasing the risk of errors. In case of problems, here is the well tested previous version.

5.1 sometimes works when later versions throw the "MultiTerm not found" error Even older versions

   Repair Multiterm
This tool repairs some cases of the "Cannot detect MultiTerm" errors. Since Converter version 5.2 it is included in the installation by default and you don't need to download it sepearately.

Download here:


Version 6.1.7946
  • History fields (create and modify date and user) are preserved in sdltb, xdt+xml, tbx3
  • Optional: history field support in excel
  • Filter by history fields possible
  • Support for sub fields in sdltb, xdt, spreadsheet and tbx3 formats
  • Lots of TBX 3 fixes and enhancements
  • SDLTM format supports reading and writing fields
  • TMX attribute 'tuid' exported and imported like a field
  • Robust handling of invalid tmx ("lang" attribute instead of "xml:lang")
  • Robust handling of Excel files with wrong extension (xls <-> xlsx)
  • Can use >>X...<< tags in spreadsheets to exclude columns
  • Multiple instances of a field are now preserved in Spreadsheet <-> Termbase conversions
  • Merging now merges picklist value instead of adding multiple fields
  • Option to create multiple language pairs for bilingual output, by setting source and/or target to *
  • Option to set default source and target languages for bilingual output (to avoid the selection dialog)
  • Rearranged settings tabs
  • New tab "Formats" with better (I hope) selection of output formats
  • Moved "Template termbase", "Export entry number" and "Unprocessed XML mode" to "Termbase" tab
  • Option to skip check for changed settings when closing dialog
  • Status display on main window now indicates excel history mode, but no longer master termbase
  • The "out" tile now acts as a button to open output type selection
  • When converting from Excel, assume that unknown columns are entry or term fields, saving another few clicks :-)
  • Fix: Excel column headers with trailing blanks caused crashes when converting to sdltb
  • Fix: Some Excel fields caused crashes (mistake in date format parsing)
  • Fix: Some non-terminology sheets, like pivot tables, caused crashes
  • Fix: Fields containing commas were not exported properly to csv files
  • Fix: error with some characters (unicode > 0xFFFF), e.g. emojis
  • Fix: ets xml output caused an error for some languages, most notably Chinese
  • Fix: "unprocessed XML" option did not get applied any more
  • Fix: empty sdltm files did not show any language field
  • Fix: filtering for non-empty terms failed
  • Fix: Dialog warning about restarting after UI change wouldn't close on some systems
  • Fix: trying to convert input with no languages, and clicking "Yes" on the warning dialog for this caused a crash