This plugin makes working with terminology a little bit easier. MultiTerm has its place for in depth terminology management, but is a little heavyweight for the average translation project. In many cases, your terminology takes the form of a more or less simple spreadsheet. This is where the Glossary Plugin can help. It allows simpler management of project glossaries in different formats.

Note: You need to have an open project and go to the project view to use the plugin!

The word glossary in this context means a simple termlist, usually in Excel, as opposed to the MultiTerm termbases that Studio handles by default. You will find that it does not handle every single detail that MultiTerm offers, but you will find (hopefully) that the number of clicks required to prepare a project will go down. You can:

  • Add a new, empty termbase
    Because sometimes there is no terminology data, but you build your own during translation.
  • Add a new termbase using MultiTerm
    ...but from within Studio, and you don't even have to install MultiTerm for it. For those cases when you do need all the bells and whistles of MultiTerm
  • Import a glossary
    That is probably the most useful operation: point to a terminology file in a supported format, and it will be loaded, converted, copied to a project folder and added to the project, all done by industrious pixies without your interaction.
  • Export project termbases
    If you added lots of terms, you probably want to save them for future use. And since you use the plugin to import, for example, Excel spreadsheets, you probably want to store data in that format. So at the click of a button, all your project termbases are saved to, again for example, Excel spreadsheets.
  • Cleanup unused termbases
    When playing around with the plugin, you may find that your Glossaries folder gets cluttered with unused files. Studio - sensibly - does not delete termbase files when it removes them from a project. A button click removes all those that are not in your project termbase list.
  • Start Glossary Converter
    Provided it is installed, of course, this saves you the extra clicks on the start menu or desktop. Every little helps.

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