Glossary Converter
This is a tool to help translators make use of terminology in SDL Trados Studio. It converts between Excel spreadsheets (or some other glossary formats) and SDL MultiTerm termbases (as required in Trados Studio) with a minimum of effort.

Glossary Plugin
This is a Trados Studio Plugin that makes it easier to add terminology to projects. You can either add a new, empty termbase, or import existing terminology files. It's also possible to export project termbases with a click. The plugin requires Glossary Converter for part of its functionality.

Help and Support

You can read the online help of Glossary Converter and Glossary Plugin for details.

For bug reports or feature requests, contact German and English mails welcome.

This is a hobby project, so I can not guarantee if and when I can react to inquiries...


   Glossary Converter 6.4.8912

Download here:

Glossary Converter is free, but donations to the developer to encourage further maintenance and improvements are always welcome. Spare change, mate?

   Glossary Plugin

Download here:


Version 6.4.8912
  • More robust and useful error logging
  • Localisation finally caught up wit the code again
  • Fix: when creating xlsx files, terms were randomly lost. This only affected.Excel; Libre Office and other tools were fine
  • Fix: xlsx files could have column widths of 0, depending on Windows Region settings (decimal point vs decimal comma)
  • Fix: txt output added an extra blank at the end of each file

Older versions

New releases always carry a risk of introducing errors. In case of problems, here are a well tested previous versions.

5.1 sometimes works when later versions throw the "MultiTerm not found" error Version History

   Repair MultiTerm
This tool repairs some cases of the "Cannot detect MultiTerm" errors. Since Converter version 5.2 it is included in the installation by default and you don't need to download it separately.

Download here: